Presentation video

At New West Video, we deeply appreciate the significance of content creation and specialize in assisting businesses with various types of presentation video production. Don’t miss the chance to expand your content’s reach to a wider audience. Our expertise is available to you, wherever and whenever you need it. The presented content was captured during […]

Music for the great cause

Music video production

UOCA brought local artists together for a Charity concert to support humanitarian donations for Ukraine. Concert video available on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/@ukrainiansofcalgary7976 Ukrainians of Calgary Association would like to express our deep gratitude to all who made our Cheers & Beers fundraising event a warm and welcoming one! Thank you to Bitter Sisters Brewing Co […]

3D animation explainer

3D Animation Explainer

Fight Cult is a gym and martial arts gym equipment manufacturing and installation company. The Scope was to create an explainer video that shows various products alongside an installation and covers some most frequently asked questions from potential customers and investors. The assembly process has to be easily digestible and visually appealing. This animation video will […]

Responsible service provider

Safety training video

Year after year we become a part of one significant event. It is a “Work on Heights” safety training session provided by AIP Safety to the Peregrine Pest Control team. Someone can say – it is a regulatory requirement – it is all about the skills and abilities to work in different environments. As for […]

Improve your youtube channels

New YouTube Channel

September is on the horizon! Like a new year, the fall is a good time to start something new. For sure, these emails are about the videos and their impact on businesses and communities. Today we would like to share some good content from the people we follow on YouTube – PrimalVideo. Through many explainers, […]

Video Testimonials

Testimonial video

Video testimonials never die, but they work for you more and more these days when people are actually interested in clients’ feedback rather than manufacturer specifications. Testimonials are used to provide feedback and share the experience. At the same time and depending on the information within Video Testimonial such video assets can play a role […]

2022 Video Marketing Trends

Get the Most Out of Video Marketing. The use of video content has been on the rise for the past few years, and there’s no sign of that changing. If you want to maximize your marketing efforts, increase your revenue, and widen your reach online, then you really do have to incorporate video into your strategy. With […]

Event video production

Event Videography - New West Video at work

Event Video Production. A few years ago we were a part of this beautiful and massive stage project. This is the “Vizard” show. Music, masks, costumes, dance, performance… and a million hours of work behind the scenes. Talented authors, creators and actors. Last year put most of such projects on hold but I firmly believe Calgary […]

Video Marketing – the base

Video Marketing

Hello, If you do not mind, I would like to show up in person here from time to time and share some thoughts and ideas. Today, I would like to get back to the base of video marketing as a short (under 2 min) reminder of what is important for successful campaigns. Please watch video […]

How do others do business?

How do others do business? This is a pretty good question we ask from time to time when looking for better solutions for our business. Today I would like to introduce you to Scott Cameron at EMLC (Emergency Management Logistic Canada) and his way of dealing with FAQs (frequently asked questions). He decided to record […]