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Custom Made Animation Projects

Please take a look at these animation projects and perhaps some of them will resonate with your current or future ideas. Videos below are grouped by categories 2D and 3D with small project descriptions. You can see the scope of the business video and its final implementation.

2D animation: Business model explainer

Logity Dispatch has been providing dispatch services for fleet owners since 2015. The company offers not only search for cargo, but also a range of services for drivers and carrier companies, including invoicing, management and paperwork, communication with brokers and shippers.

The Scope was to create an animated narrated video about 1 min long, which would explain the process of the company and the opportunities for fleet owners and drivers.

Solution. While writing the script, the creative team decided to make a story of Justin, a typical Texas truck driver who loves the road and his truck, but hates searching for cargo, paperwork and negotiations. So Justin became the best driver in the West. He does what he loves most and delegates all the work with customers and papers to Logity Dispatch.

2D animation: Business model explainer

An online memorial - "Forever missed" - is the place where family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances can pay tribute to the life of a loved one in the virtual space, as well as help each other heal pain, share warm memories and words of support.

The Scope was to create an animated video explainer up to 2 min long.

Solution. The team created a video where we explained in simple terms what is the service offered and highlighted its most important features: color themes, visuals, audience and information that can be added and how to do it. Both free and paid plans options were featured well for better understanding.

3D animation: Technology and equipment explainer

Vents is an HVAC systems manufacturer in Ukraine with distribution all over the world.

The Scope was to create an explainer video for the Twin Fresh system, how it works, what are the benefits, installation specifics, etc. this video is supposed to be used in the Company sales funnels as well as presentations and trade shows.

Solution. We created the detailed and informative 3D animation video explainer in line with corporate standards, using existing and creating new object libraries. Lots of on-screen text and callouts help the target audience understand main principles of the equipment, technology and overall market fit.

3D animation: Areal model and business explainer

The company is launching an industrial park for agro-industrial product processing.

The Scope was to create an informative video up to 2 min long, that will attract investors and to be demonstrated at the conferences. The deadline was set for 1 month.

Solution. All main features of this project were shown as required: the ease and speed of containers’ transportation from train to ship using special cranes. The whole process is shown down to the smallest details. The large team of 3D designers involved managed to deliver the project on time.

3D animation: Assembly and promo video

Magister Hydraulics develops hydraulic cylinders and their components to be used in various industries from agriculture to oil and gas.

The Scope was to show how the hydraulic cylinder is assembled, what parts it consists of. The video should show the customer the components used within the assembly process.

Solution. Full description of the entire assembly process was transferred into animation. Based on different drawings, we were able to achieve the desired result - a video up to 2 minutes, showing in detail the assembly of the hydraulic cylinder.

3D animation: Online tool promo video

Kuhni Online — an online store that allows customers to build their own kitchen furniture with an online tool. There are many choices for any premises and budget.

The Scope was to create a promotional video for a social media ad up to 30 sec long, which would list the main advantages of building the custom kitchen design online, with an easy phone call to complete the order.

As a solution our team created a promotional dynamic short video without narration using stock footage and 3D visualizations of different kitchen options.

3D animation: Assembly and benefits promo video

The “PSP AEROSIGNAL” is the lighting equipment manufacturer. Their products equip industrial facilities with light markings that signal a safety hazard.

The Scope was to create a short video that will showcase the product information. The description should be concise and understandable.

Solution. We created the model of the air beacon based on the drawings and technical parameters. Video showed what parts it consists of and indicated proper installation techniques. Also, all necessary characteristics were highlighted to help with decision-making.