Before you explore our video production services, take a moment to envision your future video. Who are you trying to reach, and what’s the best way to share your business story?

Consider the length of your video: a short 30-second promo, a 2-3 minute brand message, or a more detailed 10-15 minute tutorial or training.

Think about the questions your audience needs answers to and which product or service you want to showcase. And remember, there’s no impactful promotional video without an excellent explainer video.

Your audience needs to grasp your offer before making a choice. Ensure your video communicates in a language they understand, which might be different from your professional jargon.

The more thought you put into these aspects, the closer we get to crafting your final video. And, of course, we specialize in corporate video production in Calgary to bring your vision to life.



The main videography service we provide to business owners is creating the VIDEO BUSINESS CARD or Brand Video Message. Having this video tool in hand you can easily increase your brand awareness, deliver your accurate info to your audience with a personal touch, which is important nowadays as more and more websites show stock images but not real photographs or videos.

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS play an important role in the brand and social awareness campaigns as well as become a trigger for the purchases. Your potential clients see real feedback about your services and attention to business. Also, this type of videography is a great trust builder as well.

A great addition to your manufacturing brochures is your PRODUCT PROMO VIDEO. Such videos could be short for promotional and Ads purposes as well as play the roles of explainers and how to use videos. We makу sure this type of video production is informative enough, addressable enough, and engaging enough, so your potential customers can make a decision faster or enjoy clear product explanations.

You should not underestimate the power of MARKETING TEASER VIDEOS. It is not only about the movies and TV shows. With short and attractive social media videos you can easily and rapidly spread information about your event or product launch.

VIDEO BLOGGING could be a challenge for many of us. People do not have time and motivation to work on it constantly. New West Video offers consulting services as well as some unique methods to create and maintain your blogosphere. We can record your company news, share your business achievements or just do some simple monthly or yearly progress video overviews. With all these, your employees, as well as your customers, will stay aware of news, trends, and achievements.

Video from your business event can be a great memory and the perfect source of information for future video webinars. We help you to record presentations, speeches, product explainers as well as simple event highlights for video marketing and promotional use.