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Wedding Videography Calgary

What is a Wedding Video? It Is beauty, it is feelings, it is warm memories.

You may ask – why do we need it, we have our photos instead…

Yes, you will definitely have your gorgeous photos taken and they will keep you happy for many years to come, BUT…

Calagary wedding videography
Calagary wedding videography
Calagary wedding videography
Calagary wedding videography
Calagary wedding videography

the wedding video is a little bit different!

While watching, you can see everything in action, you can hear voices, laughs, music…

You can use this “time machine” to return back to your Big Day again and again.

Would you be interested someday to look way back and smile (or perhaps cry) watching yourself walking down the aisle, watching your best friends and relatives cheering and hugging you?

Instead of jokes and shaggy-dog stories (which you may have a lot) you will be able to show your kids how young and stupid and gorgeous were you long time ago when you started writing your real family story.

Calagary wedding videography

Wedding videography examples

Usually we film all important and interesting moments of your Big Day, trying not to skip any feelings, excitement and emotions.

There are no two similar videos, as well as all weddings are unique. Schedule, walks, guests, ceremonies, dances…kisses… dances…

For any videos we produce for you (Highlight, Feature Film or Docimentary) the content and edit styles vary as well.

What do you need to know about us?

We know how and we can shoot on the ground and from the sky (yes we can fly a drone)!
We are fully licensed and insured, so you can sleep well from booking with us till the moment you get your videos done and the links are shared with all family members and friends.

We are Easy goers!

All we need to know is your Wedding Day schedule (What, Where, When and How) to be there and push the REC button on time!

Let us help you to start writing your family story with a small but very important visual piece - your Wedding video!

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