Do you have neighbors? Most of you live in an urban environment, and have some next-door neighbors. Do you ever talk to them? Do you know what they do? If yes – than looks like you’ve done a great job!

Well, do they know about your business? Do they know what exactly you do?

Take a look at the people around you, your friends, your business partners, or just people who know you. Let’s say about 500. Now, we can narrow it down to your neighbors and family, maybe 15. Now, just your family, 5 people. Go ahead and ask them all about yourself. Do they know what you do? Do they know where you go during the day? Where is your office? You will definitely be surprised with their answer.

With specifics of some peoples jobs, they constantly communicate with people in other industries. For example – do you know how many project managers they have met so far? Every single industry has a project manager position, but their responsibilities are completely different. From some medical supplies, to construction services, the variety is immeasurable.

The point is that the people who know you don’t know exactly what you do! Here’s another example: You are an electrician, everyone around knows you for what you do! But then, something happens! You get promoted to a smart home technician! Do people who knew about you before know that you got promoted? No one mentioned that fact. So how would they know about you now? You have to tell them!

The trick is to keep educating your clients, and you will get much more from them than you expect. With proper and on-time information they will be much more involved in your business, and you will get more sales instantly.

Keep your clients aware, so that when they need something from your industry, they can easily, and knowledgeably access you, at any point in time.