It is always great to see what projects you have done over the past years within New West Video pipeline of projects and realize that the video like this still brings a lot of a good memories to all involved and smile and good mood to the ones who missed it .

Here is an official note from W.Brett Wilson YouTube channel:

All of the #SoulMen60 want to personally thank you for joining us in celebrating our 60th Birthdays.
It was a truly memorable evening for all as we got to share it with so many wonderful friends and family.
We would also like to thank you for making a contribution to Calgary’s RESOLVE Campaign.
Your donation will help to deal with homelessness in our otherwise amazing city. We are pleased to announce that collectively we were able to raise over $2 Million for this wonderful cause.

A special thanks to Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts Band, Brett Kissel, Chloe Shingoose, Kenny Munshaw, Jonathan Stoddart, Howie Miller and Justine Tyrell – the artists who made this evening memorable and a blast of dancing fun! Please visit www.SoulMen60.ca to view some of the evidence from the evening – we will continue to update as photos and videos come in!

All the best,
Matt, Paul, Michael, Glenn, Don, Bret H, Jeff, Keith, Kelly, Gregg, Jay, Peter and W Brett