“Social media is the last thing on my mind” – said no successful entrepreneur ever.

What if you’re a successful entrepreneur (or simply entrepreneur) who’s decided on carrying out a business event? Undoubtedly, you took care of the proper location, theme, menu, cameras, and starring guests.

There are unenviably tons and tons of other issues you had to deal with – and probably did the best job doing so. It all went well – the weather was great, guests jubilant, your wallet is full of new business cards – and on top of that, your head of ideas.

Phew! It all went far beyond your expectations. You come back home to relax and unwind with a glass of scotch and Ella Fitzgerald singing to your ear, thinking your job is done. Nothing as such! Before you start swimming in this self-indulgence of yours, you shall not forget about… leaving the social media footprint.

But wait, what does it even mean?
social media footprint is any blogpost, picture gallery or video highlight that represents your work, efforts, preparations and final effect you achieved.

Why is it important to leave a social media footprint?
Imagine you threw a 300-people event. Even if it lasted for 10 hours, none of the participants could talk to everyone they were willing to communicate with. Tagging them on the photos from the events creates another opportunity for them to continue networking and reaching out for those they missed during the party.

What if they loved the event and would be eager to attend the next one? That’s wonderful!
Let’s give them a chance to follow your social media profiles to checkout upcoming events. Show them that you care enough to keep them informed and excited about your work.

And last, but not least – any video blogpost brings your SEO ratings up, and viral, informative videos spread way faster than articles and posters. It means that a video footage posted on your social media profile makes Google like you more and find you more accessible for potential customers and audience.

New West Video can help you spread your message wide – no matter how long you want it to be.
For inspiration, checkout our video footage for “ILEA Talks: PR Advantage”@ LOFT in 2018.