So, you have everything your potential clients need to know about your business written on your website, and everyone can read it, it’s simple as that, right? You don’t need to duplicate the same information in a video, so YOU really don’t need one right now. Your website is full of information for your clients anyway! Well, this isn’t really true…

How many people browse google on their phones, and not their computers and laptops? Think about the font size on your website, and is it navigationally friendly to all users and all devices? Is the font well readable on a 4,5” phone screen?

Also, you might’ve heard about the statistics of people reading versus watching content. It is proven that learning new things with videos is comparably faster than reading. How about you kill two birds with one stone – leave all the text information there for the people who want to read it, and use a new and improved tool of delivering your content straight to the massive audiences looking into your business!

Here we are talking about the video – the business video.

            The word entertainment, might not exactly apply to your type of business, but a good choice is to entertain peoples brains while they learn new things about you and your business! At the end of the day, they will appreciate you making their time easier and more efficient.

Have you watched any video tutorials or courses lately? Why did you decide on doing it? What made you go watch a video instead of going and reading up on the topic? There’s tons of books around, libraries, book stores, even eBooks! But still that YouTube video or online seminar lures you in and you prefer watching it over reading?

No matter how complicated the information is, we want it to be immersive, fun, and everyone loves some visuals from time to time, right? We just want the way information is delivered to us to be more human.

Question yourself, are there any other ways for you to deliver your information to your clients and your audience? We think there are!