Hello everyone!

You may be wondering why a salesperson faces countless rejections for a product that has a lot of benefits. The answer is simply that they are not truly selling, but rather urging their audience to “buy from them now”. To avoid being treated as a salesy person, you need to first understand what exactly you are selling and why you are selling it. Your objective should be to convert your sales pitches into meaningful stories that people could relate to. This will attract your viewers’ attention and entice them to your unique content. Notice the keyword, unique! 

Every now and then we see a TV ad that follows a somewhat repetitive pattern; their product, how you can purchase it, your benefit of purchasing it, and buy now! Since these forms of video marketing are constantly around us, we tend to incorporate their selling style in our day-to-day life. It reflects on the way we speak, sell, and promote our business. This can be changed if we just focus on relaying useful information to our audience. For example, a non-profit organization would typically promote its events by communicating important information. It would not just push people towards attending an event but rather explain the cause of the event, important details regarding the event, and a few benefits for attending the event. Interesting right?

There are two strategies to deliver content: the offensive strategy and the defensive strategy. The offensive strategy is what most TV ads follow as they are quick, pushy, and unexpected. The defensive strategy focuses more on providing the necessary information to the people that are willing to listen to you. You defend your boundaries with accurate and precise information. The goal is to have an appropriate balance between these two strategies in your video marketing strategy. The right balance will help you deliver and attract your audience.

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