Don’t you always say to yourself, “Making videos is so time consuming!”

Well forget that, because there is a truly simple calculation we will share with you here!

What if you could spend half an hour every day talking about and introducing your business to someone else, e.g., your targeted clients, or people with an interest in what you’re doing. Simply 30 minutes per day, and six days a week! Easy, right? Then we could expand that to half a year, 25 weeks! Now with some simple math, we have 75 hours of you, talking about what you do. That’s about 9 or 10 business days’ worth of you talking about yourself. Repeating constantly, over and over again you mention the same things, and it’s tiring! Well, what if everything was simpler than that?

Instead of talking about yourself every day, there is a way to change your business controversially! You can record short and important videos about yourself, including the same information that you mention over and over again every day! Your clients can watch this video, and maybe even re-watch it to understand the different aspects of your business!

After this change, you don’t have to spend these 9 and a half business days talking about yourself over and over again! You could spend this time doing your other business! Just ask yourself, what would you do with 10 whole business days! A video can free you 10 whole days of relentless, repetitive work.

Probably everyone uses CRM (Client Relationship Management systems) for life and business. Even the calendar on your phone is a CRM! Your whole day plan can be in a single tap away! So, why not add your videos to your schedule! Your sales pitches, introduction videos, etc. and your updates from the industry! You record your videos once, and then just automate this flow of information for your customers!

Would you rather spend 3 hours on a video, or 9 – 10 business days’ worth of time. This is the benefit of recorded information in this modern age.

Do you still think you don’t have the time for a video? We think you do!