Hi All,

Please welcome Ep. 1 – Nobody watches the business video

This is the beginning of a new series (I hope to meet you guys in this format on a weekly basis) where I will be sharing with you my thoughts and ideas on various video and business-related topics.
You will hear real stories, common beliefs, truths and myths about video marketing, production, success and failures.

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I would like to talk to you about a very interesting topic.

It is believed that today nobody watches the business video.


I’ll tell you a little story.

Recently, I was about to watch the news on YouTube, and of course, there was a commercial at the beginning.

And you know what, I started watching and I kinda stuck.

There was a very simple commercial transferred into this story of the belts and buckles.

I don’t want to give you an idea of what this brand was.

But you know what, I watched ’til the end.

It was so well done, and so well mixed story, product,

how was it at the manufacturing?

What was the experience of inventing this, creating this, and it was so simple, so simple and nice?

What could be easier than the belt and the buckle?

But I really stuck. And you know what?

I tell you the truth, one set of this belt and this buckle is on the way here.

Because, guess what, yes, I ordered it.

You may say yes, that was a commercial, this is the way it works, but you know what?

Yes, it was a commercial for first, let’s say five seconds, five, 10 seconds, which is supposed to be before you start watching your YouTube videos.

But then there was a story behind it.

And that was really well-made story told by the owner of this business, of this small manufacturing.

It went from here to here.

And then, of course to the pocket where the wallet is.

Look at yourself.

From time to time we’ll still see and watch these little pieces of commercial videos or any other videos which they put into our YouTube main programs, and sometimes we skip them.

But sometimes we keep watching and watching and watching, and we don’t understand why, but probably because it resonates with what we need, or maybe it resonates with what we want from life, and we see a good example of how life’s supposed to be.

It might be travel, it might be some things, it might be some gadgets and everything, but yes, think about it, yes, we do watch business videos.