Hello everybody!

Today our “Clear Cut” Ep.3 is about “What should I do with my Video”
(If I have one…or two… or many)?
This is a very common question at every networking event or any Video Marketing discussiions.
Watch this episode and perhaps you will find some good advise or even an action plan.


More often than usual, a lot of clients ask us for advice on how to make their business videos stand-out. We understand that it can sometimes become quite difficult to optimize a video that took a lot of time and resources. We are going to share five video marketing secrets with you to accelerate your business growth!

  1. Name your video properly.

Having a relevant video title will increase the chances of your video appearing on people’s YouTube or Google search. For example, a dentist in Calgary will reach a lot more people if he/she names their video “The Best Dentist in Calgary” instead of “myvideo#3521.mov”.

  1. Upload your video to as many platforms as you can!

Having your videos on numerous platforms automatically increases the potential market your video reaches. Be sure to upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to maximize your video advertising.

  1. Attach your video on your email signature!

Most business communications today occur through email. Having your video attached to your email will encourage the recipient to learn more about your business. A simple, yet effective way for your video to gain more attention and visibility.

  1. Pin your video on social media!

If you want more visibility, the trick is to pin your video. You do not want your video to get lost amongst all the other content on your page. This way as more people come across your social media, your video will be the very first thing they will see.

  1.  Show your video before a meeting!

One of the most important aspects of a successful meeting is having meaningful conversations. Showing clients your video prior to your meeting will help them understand your business better. As a result, they will have a lot more information which will encourage precise and effective conversations.