Most of the time, when you work with business owners, you hear this common phrase, “Nobody is interested in my story!”. This is sometimes true, but never 100% true.

The truth is, no one really wants to read your biography, unless you’re super successful. There is a significant amount of people who want to know you better! People want to know who they are really dealing with. If we talk about most individuals, they would want to delegate their tasks and problems mostly to someone they know and trust!

The best way to build trust is some observation activities for you to figure out if it’s a good fit for you in the long run. It’s for you to figure out if the business owner you work with is a reliable and pleasant person to be working with.

Observing these business activities and relations, you are putting yourself in the position of the client for such a company. Do I deserve to be treated in a similar way that the other customers are? Think about that and strive to define that audience that will be interested in observing you, your business, and finally, listening to your story! Your story, the way you come to think of doing things, and your vision of life and business.

Do you remember the last time that you attended a presentation? Did the presenter start with his or her personal story? If yes, what was in the beginning, what was the transformation path and how did he get to what he is now? Everyone listened to it since this is the first big step ahead to build trust. To build a long term trustworthy relationship.

So go ahead and start working on gaining interest in you, and people will definitely be interested in seeing how you got to the successful state that you are in now.

Do you think that people aren’t interested in your story? We think that they definitely are.