Business owners get tired of introducing their business to others, so why not make an introduction video instead! Well, some business owners say, “My business is too complicated for a short video explanation” or “It’ll take too long to explain the whole thing to people!” Let’s dive a bit deeper into such conversation!

What would you do if you had to explain your business to a complete stranger! Would he easily understand what you do the first time you explain it to him? Many people don’t like complexities, as they cause them to think, and try to comprehend the idea. All you need is simplicity, so they will definitely catch your idea, and you will have their attention!

Let’s interpret this another way. Imagine your explaining to some kids what their parents do at work? Will it be easy or difficult to explain to them so they could understand what their own parents do. In any case, it is mandatory for you to explain it to them in such manner so they could understand. Same with your clients!

So keep it fun and simple to understand! If you tell me about what you do now, will I be able to retell it to some stranger with accuracy, so they can get the idea as fast as I did when I heard it the first time? Leave the complicated questions aside at first, and start with the basics! Create an interest in you at first. Leave the complicated parts be and proceed with them further into your meetings!

Do you still think that your business is too complicated to be explained in two minutes?
We don’t think so!