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What is the videography cost?
Are all Videographers the same?
Should you pick the cheapest one for your next business video project?
How do we choose services, products, vendors? Is the cheapest always the best?

We know that there is different experience and knowledge behind every case when someone is looking for a video production company. And when we start talking about budgets and Investments, it's not as fun as it might be. Business owners try to get the maximum out of this collaboration and people start searching for the companies they know, ask for referrals to get the projects done. Some people really go to the market and choose the cheapest option.

We are not going to tell you about the price structure and the overall investments for such video marketing projects.

The main point is how much time would you like to spend alongside the money you spend already on the videography?

Cheap products and services are very attractive in general. Look at the Amazon. You can sort your list of goods from low to high price any time When we talk about visuals, beware of quality, the way of delivery, and the way of the overall presentation of your business with video production. Will you really get where you want to be with this cheap product? For sure, you can reach your target from the first shoot, but think about what if you're not happy with the first delivery. What if you're not happy with the second cut, what if you jump into the pond of multiple changes with your video? You may end up in the director's chair and do the job the video production company should do for you? Is it the right way to invest your money and time?

We agree that there are many talented and reliable people in the videography and marketing industry. Our main idea is about to choose wisely whom to work with!

Videography portfolios and showreels are great sources of information. What about the day-to-day work of the videographer? What about the regular video products with the regular clients? Can you dig a little bit deeper to see if this or that company is a good fit for you?

Take some time and go through the routine projects of various video production companies and compare. It helps steady nerves, good, sleep and all your projects delivered on time.