Your valuable business time blocking tips

How important is time tracking? Answers vary! Ask yourself – what will I track if I do not plan it? Today’s monologue is about visualizing  tasks in your planners and calendars.

Short shelf life for visuals

Every Product has a shelf life. When you look at the marketing side of life – how long do you think your visual assets can serve you or your campaign? #video #content #marketing #yyc #yycbusiness #newwestvideo #contentmarketing #ask #business #socialmedia #entrepreneur #howto #videomarkering #product #time #production #grow #social

Make your Video visible

Make your Video visible – please watch this video as we share with you some thoughts and ideas on having the video marketing asset and using it properly!

Do you do videos for youtube?

Today our “Clear Cut” Ep.11 is about some tech aspects of using your Videos. “What is YouTube for you and how should you treat the online video storage solutions” As usual, your comments, questions, likes and shares are very welcome! #video #content #marketing #yyc #yycbusiness #newwestvideo #contentmarketing #ask #business #socialmedia #entrepreneur #howto #videomarkering

Will people judge you? Why? How?

You want to post this video, but you constantly remind yourself that there will be people that judge you! Well, you’re right, but not in all ways. First of all, people will judge you! 3 out of 10 people in the world will judge you negatively, so get ready! The remainder might give you constructional […]

Is nobody interested in your story?

  Most of the time, when you work with business owners, you hear this common phrase, “Nobody is interested in my story!”. This is sometimes true, but never 100% true. The truth is, no one really wants to read your biography, unless you’re super successful. There is a significant amount of people who want to […]

What Do We Really Do?

Do you have neighbors? Most of you live in an urban environment, and have some next-door neighbors. Do you ever talk to them? Do you know what they do? If yes – than looks like you’ve done a great job! Well, do they know about your business? Do they know what exactly you do? Take […]


Hello everyone! You may be wondering why a salesperson faces countless rejections for a product that has a lot of benefits. The answer is simply that they are not truly selling, but rather urging their audience to “buy from them now”. To avoid being treated as a salesy person, you need to first understand what […]

Is the information written on your website enough for your customers?

So, you have everything your potential clients need to know about your business written on your website, and everyone can read it, it’s simple as that, right? You don’t need to duplicate the same information in a video, so YOU really don’t need one right now. Your website is full of information for your clients […]