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22 July 2022

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials never die, but they work for you more and more these days when people are actually interested in clients’ feedback rather than manufacturer specifications. Testimonials are used to provide feedback and share the experience. At the same time and depending on the information within Video Testimonial such video […]
6 June 2022

2022 Video Marketing Trends

Get the Most Out of Video Marketing. The use of video content has been on the rise for the past few years, and there’s no sign of that changing. If you want to maximize your marketing efforts, increase your revenue, and widen your reach online, then you really do have to […]
25 May 2022

Event video production

Event Video Production. A few years ago we were a part of this beautiful and massive stage project. This is the “Vizard” show. Music, masks, costumes, dance, performance… and a million hours of work behind the scenes. Talented authors, creators and actors. Last year put most of such projects on […]
31 March 2022

Video Marketing – the base

Hello, If you do not mind, I would like to show up in person here from time to time and share some thoughts and ideas. Today, I would like to get back to the base of video marketing as a short (under 2 min) reminder of what is important for […]
10 March 2022

How do others do business?

How do others do business? This is a pretty good question we ask from time to time when looking for better solutions for our business. Today I would like to introduce you to Scott Cameron at EMLC (Emergency Management Logistic Canada) and his way of dealing with FAQs (frequently asked […]
11 February 2022

Ideas that are worth sharing

Ideas that are worth sharing.   Any ideas that can bring you business are worth sharing. Sharing with investors, potential or existing clients, or even with your employees! Do you have something brilliant in mind but have doubts about the way to communicate it to the world? In fact, it […]
28 January 2022

Educational content is king

Educational content is king. We know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know! A pretty clear statement, right! Then if you understand that your potential audience simply does not know about you and never heard about the topics you are proficient with – why not give […]
21 January 2022

Show me what you have

Show me what you have! Whatever you do it is worth sharing with the others unless it is an illegal adventure! Showcasing the process or product leads to a better understanding of the nature of the business and relationships you are going to dive into if you choose this or […]
18 January 2022

Valuable video testimonials

When people think about using valuable video testimonials in their marketing they are often afraid of the length and limited usability on social media. To break this myth please take a look at this testimonial/explainer/promo which was produced to be exactly 59 seconds long to be in line with Instagram requirements. […]
7 January 2022

Recognizable Promo Ads

Alongside corporate stories, Recognizable Promo Ads add tremendous value to your online presence and engage spectators. Also, it works great as a scroll stopper! 🙂 Here is a good example of the “promo Ad” style video created for a well-known Calgary-based company. Please watch the video here or click the image below! […]
4 January 2022

How to get get attention with video?

How to get attention with the video? Color? Message? Visual? Make it a scroll stopper with important images, clear text, and Сall To Action!  
16 December 2021

Things we do not know

Things we do not know. Videography helps! Really! There are a lot of interesting things happening daily and even hourly around us and we have no idea about them and their potential impact or benefits. Let me share with you a short video we have produced for the local company […]
13 December 2021

Your visuals matter

Your visuals matter. One of the main principles of using a video in your business is SHOW, DO NOT TELL! With a combination of “to the point” narration, such a small yet powerful media and marketing asset could be a big help in your daily routine of sharing your info […]
4 December 2021

Back to business

How often do you have to answer the same questions again and again? You explain your product or business options, or offers, or simply chat about potential collaborations… Have you ever thought that you may record all potential FAQs and make a video database to use here and there? It […]
4 January 2021

All Videographers are the same – pick the cheapest one

Difficult subject. Choices… How do we choose services, products, vendors? Is the cheapest always the best? Listen and share your thoughts!