Is your business really too complicated for a 2 minute video?

Business owners get tired of introducing their business to others, so why not make an introduction video instead! Well, some business owners say, “My business is too complicated for a short video explanation” or “It’ll take too long to explain the whole thing to people!” Let’s dive a bit deeper into such conversation! What would […]

Do you have time to make your video?

Don’t you always say to yourself, “Making videos is so time consuming!” Well forget that, because there is a truly simple calculation we will share with you here! What if you could spend half an hour every day talking about and introducing your business to someone else, e.g., your targeted clients, or people with an […]


Hello everybody! Today our “Clear Cut” Ep.3 is about “What should I do with my Video” (If I have one…or two… or many)? This is a very common question at every networking event or any Video Marketing discussiions. Watch this episode and perhaps you will find some good advise or even an action plan. 5 […]

Experience Economy and it’s magical influence on us

Hello, helllo! We are back here with the “CLEAR CUT” series (Ep.2), sharing with you some thoughts and ideas on various video and business related topics. Today it is about the Experience Economy and it’s magical influence on us and on business. Feel free to like/dislike, comment, ask Qs, share and communicate any way you […]

Nobody watches the business video

Hi All, Please welcome Ep. 1 – Nobody watches the business video This is the beginning of a new series (I hope to meet you guys in this format on a weekly basis) where I will be sharing with you my thoughts and ideas on various video and business related topics. You will hear real stories, […]


As you all knows and see, nowadays, in the digital age, the importance of the video content is growing rapidly. Users tend to choose a video as an easy, quick and efficient source of information about the company, product or service. Therefore, irrespective of the business type, every company should be interested in providing videos […]


“Social media is the last thing on my mind” – said no successful entrepreneur ever. What if you’re a successful entrepreneur (or simply entrepreneur) who’s decided on carrying out a business event? Undoubtedly, you took care of the proper location, theme, menu, cameras, and starring guests. There are unenviably tons and tons of other issues […]


It is always great to see what projects you have done over the past years within New West Video pipeline of projects and realize that the video like this still brings a lot of a good memories to all involved and smile and good mood to the ones who missed it . Here is an […]