• Video Creates trust: vision is the most powerful of our senses – to see is to believe;
  • Video helps you to overcome the barrier of scepticism and do it quickly with ”show instead of imagine” concept;
  • Your Video Business Card builds relationships and makes your potential customers comfortable meeting you in person;
  • Video saves you time you spend explaining your business to new and existing customers;
  • Video Saves on calling time and turns cold calls into warm: just send the link to all your prospects and follow up with Questions & Answers;
  • Video opens social media doors for your business.



  • Automate your time and save on repetitive presentations;
  • Show that your business is alive and create awareness of your abilities;
  • Educate your customers and sell your product remotely;
  • Show that you care about what you do;
  • Build business-client relationship and obtain followers.


  • WHO am I?
  • WHY I do what I do?
  • WHAT do I do?
  • HOW do I do it?



  • “We are pleased to work with New West Video through several projects. Enthusiastic professional team with great creative ideas. Since we published videos at our YouTube Channel – our websites our conversion rate doubled.”

    Michael Maltsev, RigER CEO


  • “New West Video did a fantastic job shooting and editing the Calgary Chamber’s Small Business Conference video.
    Not only they are excellent videographers, I appreciated patience, attention to detail and quick turnaround time.”

    Joya Sauder, Marketing Specialist, Calgary Chamber


What is the process of VBC creation?
  1. Discovery form completion (available here) for us to know you and your business better and make our initial meeting warm and productive;
  2. Script strategy session. We generate the list of topics to cover during the interview;
  3. Client’s script draft revisions and approval, then lock the script;
  4. Production. We arrange the interview with you or your business representative and record all the topics to camera;
  5. Assembly edit;
  6. Client’s review and notes / changes;
  7. Final edit;
  8. Color correction, Music, Sound engineering;
  9. The project is done.
How long is the process of VBC creation?

The process of VBC creation from the Discovery Form completion to the final product delivery may take from 2 days to 1 month depends on approvals timing and complexity of the shooting.

What are my payment options?

We require 50% prepayment for any projects, and the rest with the project completion after the final invoice is in place.

Do you work outside of Calgary?

We work in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The additional projects costs may apply due to travel expenses as well as local Provincial business licenses.

How is the VBC project schedule look like?
  1. Script strategy session can be scheduled for the next business day after Discovery form completion;
  2. Shooting session can be arranged on the next business day after Client’s script lock;
  3. Assembly and final edits are provided within 3 business days;
  4. Client’s approval process should not be longer than 3 business days.
Can you add graphics in my video?

Yes, we can add any (almost any) types of graphic into the final video. Graphics and animation are the subject to negotiation and additional scope of work for graphic designer.

Can you shoot now and edit later?

Yes, we can shoot some interviews and/or additional footage as soon as possible (depends on Client’s schedule and personnel availability) and complete the project as required. 

May I ask you some questions face-to-face?

Sure, we are here for you and can answer all your questions. Just give us a call.